SWEET WILLIAM are a band of musicians from Sydney & New York, supported by a troupe of artists, actors, writers, technicians and weirdos.
Led by William John Colvin Mckenzie, the group is formed of ex-members of the Sydney band Hedge Fund, 
and a host of new collaborators from both Australia and the USA.

Their music is a polished and ultra-tight blend of pop, post-punk, heavy metal, electronica, hip-hop and beyond.

 Dual lead vocals from William Colvin (vox) and Amy Elenius (vox and synth) give their vocal hooks a unique blend of masculine and feminine that evoke other multi-fronted, genre defying acts like Arcade Fire, Portugal The Man & Phantogram, while guitarist Mislav Belobrajdic keeps up the wild, thrash metal meets post-punk energy that defined Hedge Fund's massive sound.
The band's three American members, who flew to Australia from the USA to record the first collection of tracks, each bring their own unmistakably New York vibes to the music.
  Michael Delgado (guitar and synth), Sydney Driver (drums) and Adam James (bass) bring to their recordings, and their live shows, a level of precision, skill and focus forged in the ultra-competitive world of NY's music scene.

Having just finished recording a massive new collection of songs with legendary producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Vines, Lorelei, Kate Ceberano, The Whitlams, Nazxul), they are preparing to release their first singles, 'Graceless,' 'Lost in Dallas', and 'Physical Education' (featuring Jake Stone of Bluejuice) and accompanying videos, directed by Colvin.
Starting with 'Graceless', the band plans to release the 14 new singles on a monthly basis.

The tracks hop through genres in a way that seamlessly explore a massive range of sounds while still maintaining a signature sonic core. 
Inspired heavily by acts that won't sit still, they manage to pull off the tricky feat of making 'fusion' work, walking in the footsteps of successful shapeshifters like Gorillaz and Faith No More. 
'Graceless', for example, is a wounded acoustic-and-synth ballad reminiscent of Radiohead's 'Fake Plastic Trees', while Lost In Dallas is a driving heavy rock thumper that sounds like QOTSA meets Machine Gun Fellatio.
'Physical Education' is a silky smooth 80's dance number, with an almost unbearably catchy synth hook line that pays homage to Duran Duran and New Order and provides the perfect foundation for Colvin and Elenius to make sure their blended vocals implant the chorus deep in your mind, like it or not.

Those three tracks alone would be enough reason to cement SWEET WILLIAM into your playlists, but from the Nine Inch Nails meets Metallica by way of The Killers vibes of 'Hey Atari' or the thumping dirty french-house banger 'Digitize', reminiscent of Justice and Unit-era Regurgitator, it's absolutely certain to be a very exciting fourteen months of music.

Finally, the band are also releasing a compilation record to honour the last ten years of hard work while performing as Hedge Fund, an album titled 'Sweet William Spends His Hedge Fund' collecting the eleven singles released during the original project's run from 2013 to 2018.
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